Security and Compliance

Self-Service in the Most Regulated and Secure Environments

Safely enable you build it, you run it teams



“All of the regulation — and the accompanying compliance that comes along with it — really means that our processes were optimized for compliance and not for speed”

Shaun Norris, Global Head, Cloud Infrastructure, Standard Chartered Bank

“Rundeck gives you the ability to control what gets run, by whom, and how. Additionally, it gives you the ability to control access and audit who did what and when.”

Anonymous G2 Review

“Auditor’s love Rundeck. All activity is logged and they know who, did what, where and when. CIOs like how Rundeck helps Ops avoid the blame game and proves people do not directly access servers.”

Kevin, Director of IT, CBC Innovis

Increase compliance and security posture


Move faster and lock things down.

Gain security and compliance oversight with a complete audit trail of all Rundeck actions.


Granular role-based access controls.

Safely extend operations privileges to other teams and business units. Control what gets run, by whom, and how.


Fewer errors and inconsistencies.

Standard operating procedures encapsulated in Rundeck help reduce human error.

Safely Enable New DevOps Operating Models

Get the benefits of self-service in even the most regulated and secure environments. Rundeck helps you rethink how you operate, while ensuring you maintain compliance controls. Safely reorganize the flow of work to improve throughput and quality and take advantage of new operating models like you build it, you run it.

Running a Job 3


Improved Controls of Automation

Using Rundeck, you are safely inserting a layer of control between your lower-level automation (scripts, tools, APIs) and those who need to use that automation to get things done.

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Built-in Activity Log for Auditing

Audit and search all previous Job and command executions. Know who wrote the job, who ran the job, exactly what the job called (tools, scripts, commands, APIs, etc.), where it ran, and what happened.


Tighter Control of Access to Sensitive Data

Rundeck's Key Storage makes it easier to give access to automation by allowing tighter control over who has access to sensitive data while simultaneously giving more people access to a Rundeck job.

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