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"...the swiss army knife for ops." -Jordan Koch

"...essential tool for getting operations under control." -John D'Esposito

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Create a job by defining a single step or a workflow that can execute any set of commands, scripts, or tools on any number of local or remote nodes. Jobs can be triggered by the scheduler or on-demand via the web interface or API.


Safely hand off the job to others to execute or follow the output -- depending on the permissions you give them. Collaborate with others and build your organization's library of repeatable and auditable actions. You can also let users to run ad-hoc commands (if your security policies allow it).


Enjoy being the Hero. You've safely given Dev and QA teams access to self-service operations tasks (deployments, restarts, data management, etc). You've made collaboration with your Operations colleagues easier. You've improved everyone's visibility into Operations activity. Now you can spend less of your time fielding repetitive requests and more of your time doing new and interesting things that will further the business.


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Popular Uses

Rundeck Case Studies

When companies want to get the most out of their Cloud infrastructure investment, New York based Devopulence is called in to help rethink and retool operations. Rundeck is used as a key part of their ChatOps and Incident Response solutions.
Rundeck is a key tool in the toolbox for Jordan Koch and his Systems Engineering colleagues. As with any diverse and expanding organization, this team realized that they needed both standard operating procedures and way to safely give people on other teams self-service access to those procedures.
Mark uses Rundeck to enable a single team to safely deploy applications across environments and empower support teams to take action to resolve issues immediately. Mark has used Rundeck to enable initiatives that have reduced escalations by 30% - 40%, overall support incident costs by 55%, and reduced mean time to repair (MTTR) by 50% - 150% per service.
Prakash uses Rundeck to: 1. provide visibility into deployments in secure production environments 2. safely enable self-service capabilities that protect the capacity of the TechOps Team 3. improve the ease of patching and routine maintenance by leveraging a library of repeatable procedures.
As one of the world's largest cloud based business services, needs high-scale and high-velocity operations. Rundeck is one of the key operations tools that lets them do just that. The team took a toolchain approach that features Rundeck, SaltStack, and a custom internal tool called Kingpin.