Talks We Like: John Willis on the Nature of Cyber Security and DevSecOps
Damon Edwards     June 15, 2018 IT Operations

In this edition of Talks We Like, we are highlighting John Willis' talk "The Divine and Felonious Nature of Cyber Security - A DevSecOps Story" from DevOps Days Austin 2018. John gives a sweeping (in 37 minutes) look at where cybersecurity is today and what this "DevSecOps" idea is all about.


Self-Service: Making Operations More Secure and Less Risky

"We would love to give our Devs, QA, and Analysts self-service access to privileged Ops tasks. The capability sure would help these teams move quicker and lighten the load on Operations. But alas, Security and Compliance would never allow it, so we don't push for it."

There appears to be a pre-conceived notion that self-service — especially self-service between teams with different levels of privilege — is inherently risky and therefore not an option. However, if you dig in, you'll see that this belief is mostly folklore. Self-service isn't inherently dangerous or out of control. In fact, the case can be made that the opposite is true.

Going to Velocity? Stop by and See us

Will you be at the Velocity Conference in San Jose, June 12-14? The Rundeck team will be in Booth #713 demonstrating Rundeck Pro. Want fewer tickets and more self-service in your Ops organization? Who doesn't? Learn how to get started with Operations as a Service. We'll show you how the Rundeck IT Operations Management platform can make your team more efficient while maintaining security and compliance. 

Case Study: ClearScale Uses Rundeck in AWS EFS Replication Project

Our customers always find new ways to take advantage of the Rundeck platform's flexibility and versatility.  

Seeing Both Dev and Ops Within Operations

I recently wrote about how the craft of Operations is changing, but is far from being in decline. In an ensuing twitter conversation, Charles T. Betz brought up some excellent points about the need to be precise when unpacking what Operations does.

HowTo: Control Which Plugins Appear In Which Rundeck Project
Alex Honor     May 31, 2018 Rundeck

Soon after discovering the power of plugins in Rundeck, users often find themselves with lots of plugins installed in their Rundeck server. We frequently get asked, "Is there a way to limit which plugins can be used by which project?"