Talks We Like: 10+ Deploys Per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr, by Hammond and Allspaw
Damon Edwards     April 23, 2018 IT Operations

In this edition of TWL, we are highlighting a classic that was a contributing spark to the creation of the DevOps movement.

If you flash back to 2009, the idea of a Dev leader and an Ops leader co-presenting was an odd one. You would expect them to be at different conferences, speaking on different topics. So not only was the pairing considered unusual, their content was remarkable.

The idea of tight integration between Dev and Ops to safely achieve a rate of change that was more than ten deployments per day? That was unheard of and widely considered unsafe and foolish. But, there was Paul Hammond and John Allspaw explaining how they did it and how well it was working.

Comparing Rundeck and Jenkins (And Why They Work Great Together)
Paul Lambert     April 21, 2018 IT Operations, Rundeck

A common question that comes up from time-to-time in the many places where the community discusses Rundeck:

“What’s the difference between Rundeck and Jenkins?”

In short, Rundeck is designed for Operations to work directly with existing tools, services, and systems and to allow secure self-service access to automation for every kind of critical business workflow. Jenkins is a continuous integration server designed for the primary purpose of building artifacts.

Try Rundeck 2.11 Features Early. Help the Community.
Alex Honor     April 17, 2018 Rundeck

A release candidate of open source Rundeck 2.11 is now available. This release includes a number of new features, so we'd like extra feedback before making it GA.

This release includes improved support for job reference steps (have a step in one job call another job), improved plugin administration, improved GIT integration, and more. See the full list and download instructions below.

Rundeck for SRE: Create Standard Operating Procedures and Enable Operations as a Service (Video)

This video tells the story of a typical SRE journey with Rundeck. First, using Rundeck for creating standard operating procedures and checklists. Second, using Rundeck to safely enable Operations as a Service so others who are traditionally outside of the operations organization can execute operations procedures.

Talks We Like: How Your Systems Keep Running Day After Day, by John Allspaw
Damon Edwards     April 9, 2018 IT Operations

In this edition of Talks We Like (TWL), I'm highlighting a talk that should be watched by anyone who is interested in the performance and effectiveness of Operations teams.

This is John Allspaw, noted operations leader turned researcher, presenting at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017 in San Francisco.

John makes the case that our industry needs to prioritize human performance. He discusses how humans understand and interact with complex systems, especially in the face of incidents.

Managing Passwords And Keys Using Rundeck's Key Storage And HashiCorp Vault
Damon Edwards     April 6, 2018 Rundeck

Rundeck's Key Storage is a set of functionality that allows you to securely store private keys, public keys, passwords, and other secrets for use in your Rundeck jobs.

Do you...

  • Need a private key to ssh to a remote node?
  • Need to use a key to access other tools?
  • Need to use a password/passphrase for accessing APIs, databases, network devices?
  • Need your scripts to have access to passwords when they execute within Rundeck?

Rundeck's Key Storage facility makes all of this a lot easier.