Why Rundeck?

Rundeck is free open source software licensed under the Apache Software License v2.0. Use Rundeck to execute workflows across your existing automation or quickly automate previously manual procedures.

“Rundeck has become completely invaluable. It's a touchpoint between multiple systems that otherwise wouldn't coordinate. Running simple and complex jobs is easy to setup and forget about, and Rundeck will happily keep them going, letting you know if something goes awry.”

Alec C, G2 review

Improve operational quality.

Create workflows that span the different scripts, tools, APIs, and system commands to standardize operations tasks. Automate routine processes across development and production environments like provisioning, security, software updates / deployment, change configs, opening ports, and more.

Capability 1


Capability 2

Automate task and job scheduling.

Rundeck makes it simple and easy to set up self-service automation for job scheduling. Automate daily reports, file transfers, and other periodic operations without the challenge of maintaining cron or Windows Task Scheduler.

Technology and tool integrations.

Access plugins to connect Rundeck to infrastructure and tools or write your own custom plugins. 

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Capability 4


Job activity log for auditing.

View the execution history for commands and Jobs. Execution detail for each job shows when the job was run with, log output, job duration, etc.

Explore commercial products.

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