Integrations into Your Existing Ecosystem

Whether its monitoring, ticketing, and automation tools, infrastructure, or security, we have you covered. Get started quickly using Rundeck’s out-of-the-box plugins or easily build your own.

Allows teams to run diagnostic and corrective actions to minimize the duration of the incident, as well as get event notifications within PagerDuty.
Automated workflow capabilities to help diagnose issues—and, optionally, to remediate them within Datadog.
Workflow steps that change an incident state, checks assigned incidents and incident state, comments an incident, creates an incident, and provides server information from ServiceNow CMDB.
Users can protect privileged accounts by using Thycotic Vaults as keys for jobs and other Rundeck configurations.
Sensu Plugins
Turn alerting from Sensu into remediation.
The CyberArk Key Storage Plugin can be used as a Key Storage backend for Rundeck. Use secrets from CyberArk in your automation scripts, Rundeck configuration, etc.
Github Script
Workflow Step plugin that runs a command located on a GitHub repo.
VMWare Operations Node Step
Allows users to Power-Off/Power-On/Restart/ Suspend/ Stand-By a VM.
GitHub Webhook Plugin
Provides simplified integration with Github Webhooks and includes support for the confirmation ping event.
Ping Identity
Rundeck can be configured to work with Ping Identity services to act as a Single SignOn solution.
Execution Replication File Storage
Creates formatted Project Archive for each execution, and uploads it to a remote Rundeck server, to replicate the execution data
Streamlines the setup for sending Amazon SNS messages to Rundeck
Progress Badge Workflow Step
Create graphic badges to be rendered on the Log Output tab.
VMWare Step Plugins
This workflow step plugin clones existing VMs.
File Transfer Plugins
This plugin provides FTP/SFTP/HTTP file transfers via Workflow Steps.
Rundeck can be configured to work with Okta to act as a Single SignOn solution.
SQLRunner Step
Execute SQL against a JDBC url as part of your workflow.
Progress Badge Log Filter
Creates graphic badges to be rendered on the Log Output tab.

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