Resolve Urgent Incidents in Real Time

Connect responders and event triggers to safe, delegated automation

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“We found that Time to Repair is reduced by 25 minutes per incident for apps where we use Rundeck than where we don’t. ”

-Shaun Norris
Global Head, Cloud Infrastructure, Standard Chartered Bank

“Rundeck makes is easy to create self-service tasks that help with issue resolution and diagnosis”

G2 Review

“Over the last two quarters we have had exceptional uptime and resolutions times. PagerDuty and Rundeck are starting to prove a great deal of benefit in our customer services.”

-Rob King
Automation Product Owner, William Hill

Achieve Shorter Incidents and Fewer Escalations by Automating Your Incident Response


Automate Incident Resolutions to
Keep Up with Today’s Digital Pace


Speed up Mean Time to Resolution

Delegate common diagnostic and remediation activities to operators, invoke diagnostic actions before first responders are paged, and automate resolutions for known, recurring problems.


Enhance Engineering Productivity

“Service Ownership” doesn’t need to mean “developers own every alert”. Resolve incidents faster with fewer escalations and keep your developers focused on delivering software.


Increase Team Innovation Capacity

Automate low-value tasks and toil and keep engineers focused on enhancing digital experiences and other high value activities that move the business forward.

Automate Once Manual Processes

Turn existing automation, scripts, tools, API calls, written manual procedures, and subject matter expertise into automated runbooks and safely delegate via self-service operations.


Responders Resolve Incidents in Real Time

Speed up IT Operations by providing responder access to corrective automation. Now, incidents get resolved in minutes, rather than hours and fewer problems get escalated to subject matter experts.


Move from Reactive to Proactive with Self-Healing Automation

Simple, repeatable cures for known issues can be triggered without human intervention, turning urgent issues into after-the-fact notifications.


Delegate Operations to Where People Work

Use Rundeck’s plugin integrations to invoke automation directly from popular
operations interfaces including PagerDuty, ServiceNow, JIRA, Slack, and more.


Securely Invoke Automation

Subject matter experts define access rules for actions through a publishing workflow. Granular role-based access controls ensure responders only see actions they’re authorized to invoke for impacted systems in an incident.


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Standard Chartered Bank automates incident response for over 400 applications, reducing time-to-resolution by 25 minutes, saved 28 FTE years in one year.
Ticketmaster reduced escalations by 30%–40%, incident support costs by 55%, MTTR between 50%–150%

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