Rundeck Webinar: Toil, Politickets, and the Culture of Self-Service- LIVE!

Rescheduled: Now March 13, 2019 at 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET

Are you drowning in toil? Don't miss this live event on March 6, 2019 at 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET to hear a real-world story of  banish toil from your environment with self-service operations. 

Most IT environments inherit a culture of toil that, in many companies, isn’t even recognized or acknowledged as being counter-productive.  Hear the story of a company that had a lot of processes, a culture that prized toil, and how self-service operations changed a perspective from “This is good.” to “The good was bad??”  You will learn how to replace toil with self-service automated workflows that deliver quick wins and visible ROI. Become the Ops Hero.


SREcon Americas 2019 

March 25-27, 2019  New York, NY srecon17_americas_banner_logo_0srecon17_americas_banner_logo_0

Hate toil? Then you'll love Rundeck. Stop by our booth at SREcon and see how Rundeck simplifies the SRE life. The secret is self-service operations.

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NewOps Days 

April 3, 2019 because Events Center, Phoenix, AZ NewOpsDays square

Operations is changing, and it is changing fast. Wouldn't it be helpful to be surrounded by peers who are working on the same transformative topics?

Join us for NewOps Days in Phoenix!

NewOps Days is a community-based event series organized and produced by Splunk, with founding sponsors, Rundeck and the DevOps Institute.

Join a local group of practitioners and professionals, captivating guest speakers, and industry leading experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities we all face today in modern IT Operations. 

Breakfast and lunch are included. 


[PAST] Rundeck Webinar: Understanding Nodes in Rundeck - LIVE!

February 27, 2019 at 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET 

Join us as Nathan Fluegel, Rundeck's Head of Customer Success talks Nodes. Resource nodes are a fundamental element of using Rundeck. Nodes are the resources that you will manage with Rundeck and how you define them can affect how you can address those nodes.We'll also include a Q&A session. This session is valuable for Rundeck Community (open source) and Enterprise users.

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[PAST] DevOps Days New York DevOps Days NY Logo

January 24-25, 2019  New York, NY

Kick off the new year at DevOps Days New York. We'll be demoing Rundeck 3.0., and have fresh Rundeck swag to outfit you for 2019. Stop by and get tips from our experts on how Rundeck can improve your enterprise operations. Hint: self-service operations.

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NewOpsDays square[PAST] New Ops Days, Raleigh

December 4, 2018 The Stockroom at 230
230 Fayetteville St, 2nd Floor,
Raleigh, NC 27601

Operations is changing, and it is changing fast. Wouldn't it be helpful to be surrounded by peers who are working on the same transformative topics?

We, along with Splunk and the DevOps Institute, are hosting another new community-focused conference series called NewOps Days.

Don't miss NewOps Days in Raleigh on December 4, 2018. 

Speakers from RedHat and VMware, lunch and cocktails. Admission is free.

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DOES%20Logo2%20jpg[PAST] DevOps Enterprise Summit

October 22-24, 2018  Las Vegas, NV

Join us at the first DevOps Enterprise Summit in Las Vegas.  We're looking forward to meeting customers and colleagues.  We'll be making some big product announcements, demoing our new Rundeck+Splunk integration, and our co-founder Damon Edwards will be lighting up the main stage on Tuesday with his talk, "Operations: The Last Mile." Stop by, say hi and pick up some fresh new Rundeck swag.

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[PAST] NewOps Days 

October 10, 2018  San Jose, CA

Operations is changing, and it is changing fast. Wouldn't it be helpful to be surrounded by peers who are working on the same transformative topics?

We believe this kind of experience is invaluable. That is why we are joining forces with Splunk and the DevOps Institute to produce a new community-focused conference series called NewOps Days.

Here Is What You Need To Know:

  • 1-day community-based events (first is October 10 in San Jose, CA)
  • Designed for practitioners to meet to discuss their challenges and share their experiences
  • Format is a single-track of speakers plus open space sessions (group discussions about topics voted on by attendees)
  • San Jose Keynote speakers are SRE and platform engineering experts from LinkedIn and Disney
  • Totally FREE, thanks to the sponsors (includes lunch and networking reception)

Register now to reserve your spot. Visit the NewOps Days site for more info.

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[PAST] Gartner IT Operations Strategies and Solutions Summit

May 15-17, 2018 Orlando, FL

At the Crossroads of Change: Agility, Innovation & Transformation

Right now, the road to digital transformation runs through IT Operations. The adoption of fast-evolving technologies, methodologies, and tools have not only created new capabilities, but have become a catalyst for innovation across the enterprise.  Join your peers at this year’s most important IT operations summit.

  • Achieving scale with DevOps, Cloud and Automation 
  • Evaluate emerging trends in  IT operations
  • Learn how to align and integrate security and privacy with cloud and DevOps

The Rundeck team will be demoing Rundeck Pro and answering all your questions about increasing ops efficiency with Operations as a Service.

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March 27-29, 2018 Santa Clara, CA

SREcon is a gathering of engineers who care deeply about engineering resilience, reliability, and performance into complex distributed systems, and the scalability of products, services, and infrastructure within their organizations. At its core, SRE is focused on intersectionality—creative engineering at the nexus of systems and software engineering.

The conferences strive to reflect and support all aspects of the diversity of our community. SREcon welcomes both new practitioners and those who have been involved in the profession for decades. The conference speakers and attendees include practitioners from a variety of organizations: from big companies operating on a global scale, to the innovation of small startups, to those seeking to pivot their companies to unite software engineering and systems engineering.

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[PAST] Dev Ops Enterprise Summit

November 13-15, 2017 San Francisco, CA

DevOps Enterprise Summit is a conference for the leaders of large, complex organizations implementing DevOps principles and practices. Rundeck is sponsoring this must-attend event.

Rundeck co-founder Damon Edwards is a featured presenter. Don't miss his talk:
Keeping your DevOps Transformation from Crushing Your Ops Capacity
Monday, November 13, 3:10-3:40 p.m. - Breakout Two - Plaza B

We’ll look at how high-performing enterprise Operations organizations apply DevOps principles to improve the post-deployment lifecycle, their successful process and tooling design patterns, and how their Developers are playing a key role in reducing the difficultly and cost of operations activity for everyone.

Get registered and we'll see you there. 

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DOES%20Logo2%20jpg[PAST] LISA17 USENIX

November 3, 2017 Hyatt Regency – San Francisco, CA

If you're attending the Usenix LISA conference, be sure to see Rundeck co-founder Damon Edward's talk and get the answer to these questions:

How do we rapidly respond to incidents and recover complex interdependent systems while working within an equally complex and interdependent organization?

How does Operations embrace the DevOps and Agile inspired demand for speed and self-service while maintaining quality and control?

Get the details and register now.

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[PAST] DevOps Meetup

July 25, 2017 Marina Bay Sands, 1 Bayfront Ave, Singapore

This Wednesday, 26 July, Rundeck will be featured at a "mega-meetup" that is the combination of several local Singapore meetups. This meetup is being helped in conjunction with the RSA conference being held at the Marina Bay Sands conference center.

Rundeck's Damon Edwards will also be speaking during RSA at's DevSecOps mini-conference on Tuesday, July 25.  

Damon Edwards (Rundeck) - Rundeck and the Self-Service Operations Design Pattern 
John Willis (Co-Author, The DevOps Handbook) - Containers and Immutable Infrastructure