Reduce Toil and Operate Faster with Self-Service Automation

Automate and safely delegate, IT workflows used to resolve frequent tickets and requests

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“By automating tasks in Rundeck, we have saved the equivalent of three or four dedicated people’s worth of time.”

-DJ DeBrakeleer
Site Reliability Engineer, FreedomPay

“For our engineering team, we’ve used Rundeck to free up time to work on more projects. For our Ops team, Rundeck usage has helped them handle more tickets and close tickets quicker”

-Sean Culligan,
Engineering, Broome-Tioga BOCES

“It takes 5 minutes to see the value of Rundeck. I wish I’d had it 20 years ago.”

-Phil Todd
Director, Software Development, CSG

Get Fewer Interruptions and Faster Turnaround Times by Automating Service Requests


Connect End Users to the Right Automation at the Right Time


Reduce Toil and Decrease Number of Tickets

Close tickets faster and prevent needless tickets by automating processes and making them available to requesters as self-service actions.


Boost Productivity of Operations Teams

Safely delegate operations to end users or staff to reduce escalations to subject matter experts.


Increase Innovation Capacity

Real-time operations allows ops teams to support faster rates of change such as continuous delivery of software and engineering high value solutions.

Put Real-Time Automation in The Hands of Users

Eliminate wait time for tickets since end users and responders can execute automation themselves. Lower priority requests are also filled in real-time as opposed to languishing in ticket queues.

Real Time Automation

Improve Operational Quality

Make the best practices from your experts the common practice used by everyone. Define and standardize workflows that span different tools, scripts, APIs, and command line procedures and delegate self-service automation to the end users. 

Operational Quality

Increase Engineering Capacity

Reduction in manual, recurring tasks gives Ops teams more time to focus on engineering high value solutions, such as further automation of operations.

Blue person at monitor

Delegate Operations to Where People Work

Invoke automation from the Rundeck UI or use plugin integrations to invoke automation directly from popular operations interfaces including ServiceNow, JIRA, Slack, PagerDuty and more.



Ensures Safety and Compliance

Subject matter experts define access rules for actions through a publishing workflow. Granular role-based access controls ensure self-service users only see actions they’re authorized to invoke.




Self-service automation helps the Operations team at Ample Organics get 20% of their time back weekly.
By automating tasks in Rundeck, FreedomPay saved the equivalent of three or four dedicated people’s worth of time.

What is Runbook Automation

Learn how to identify the full cost of service requests and the ROI of leveraging Runbook Automation to enable self-service


Self-Service Operations Guide

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Intro to Rundeck Webinar

Join us to learn how Rundeck can help define automated workflows across tools, scripts, APIs and manual commands for secure self-service operations.