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Unlock a More Efficient Way of Working

Use Runbook Automation to empower self-service access to Ops actions



“For our engineering team, we’ve used Rundeck to free up time to work on more projects. For our Ops team, Rundeck usage has helped them handle more tickets and close tickets quicker”

Sean Culligan, Engineering, Broome-Tioga BOCES

“It takes 5 minutes to see the value of Rundeck. I wish I’d had it 20 years ago.”

Phil Todd, Director, Software Development, CSG

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“By automating tasks in Rundeck, we have saved the equivalent of three or four dedicated people’s worth of time.”

Site Reliability Engineer at FinTech Company

Fewer Interruptions. Less Waiting. Get more done.

Life in operations involves being on either end of service management requests. These requests can be anything including spinning up new environments, making network changes, opening firewall ports, allocating storage, scaling capacity up/down, and more. Often you’ll find yourself on different ends of different provisioning requests and your days consumed by both interruptions and waiting.

Using Rundeck you can enable anyone to safely execute self-service operations tasks that previously only subject matter experts could perform. This means you experience less waiting and fewer interruptions and can get more done


Reduce toil and focus on high value work.

Free technical experts from the drudgery of repeated manual activities that don’t add business value. Automate standard operations procedures, so experts can get back to building customer value.


Get started easily using existing automation.

Leverage your existing investments in scripts, tools, API calls or written manual procedures to get started in minutes.


Share operations knowledge where it is used.

Don’t rely on tribal knowledge inside the heads of experts. Create standard operating procedures that enable faster resolution of incidents.

Share Knowledge and Reduce Reliance on Experts

Create runbooks with guardrails for the most frequent procedures and safely give developers and other employees the ability to perform tasks traditionally performed by subject matter experts.


Optimize Engineering Time

By reducing repetitive tasks, engineers can focus on high value work that betters the business (delivering new platforms, working on scaling and performance, analyzing new tech, etc.).


Get More Done Across the Organization

Empower other teams to safely take action and complete tasks without relying on assistance from Ops.


Rundeck customers report 80% reduction in repetitive or known issues after implementing Rundeck.”

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