Rundeck Enterprise

Rundeck Enterprise is built for Self-service

Better. Faster. Secure. Ops.

Rundeck Enterprise: The Choice for Ops at Scale

Rundeck Enterprise delivers what you need to run Rundeck as an enterprise-class service. Rundeck Enterprise is a subscription bundle that includes exclusive features and plugins, as well as professional support and on-boarding services.

  • Create standard procedures from existing tools, scripts, and APIs.
  • Build self-service processes within and outside of Operations.
  • Reduce ticket queues. Remove roadblocks.
  • Enable teams to move faster but stay under control.

Features Exclusive to Rundeck Enterprise

Clustering and High-Availability

High-availability and scalability are essential, and Rundeck Enterprise's cluster features do all of the heavy-lifting for you.

Advanced Workflow and Visualization

Rundeck Enterprise features enhanced workflow and visualization features to handle the advanced needs of enterprise environments.

Exclusive Rundeck Enterprise Plugins

Rundeck Enterprise includes supported versions of popular community plugins, as well as plugins that are exclusive to Rundeck Enterprise subscribers

Enterprise Access Rule Management

Rundeck Enterprise provides tools that make it easy to manage and validate Rundeck access control policies.

Dashboards and Forecast Views

Rundeck Enterprise provides expanded visibility into your past, current, and scheduled Rundeck activity.

Upgraded Windows Support & Plugins

Rundeck Enterprise’s Windows power tools plugins help you get the most out of Rundeck in your Windows or mixed environments.

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How Rundeck Enterprise is Licensed

Rundeck Server Instances
(Example: 4-instance Rundeck Enterprise Cluster)
Rundeck Users
(Example: 150 users editing and running jobs)

What's included: 

Unlimited nodes (what jobs take action on)
Unlimited projects
Unlimited executions
Unlimited world-class support

Packages for typical Enterprise customers start around $20K - $60k per year, depending on size and support options.

Let's discuss what package is right for you


Services included with Rundeck Enterprise

Professional Support

From advice about your Rundeck usage to help with troubleshooting, our experts are here to help. Unlimited support means no restrictions on support tickets or inquiries. Ask and we’ll answer. Short of writing code or configuring your servers, our support team will have you covered.

Initial Onboarding

Rundeck engineers will help you through the first steps of your implementation. Get up and running quickly.

Rundeck Product Training

Learn about core concepts that will make you more successful with Rundeck through training webinars and self-help materials focused on different topics.

Solution Design Session

Are you maximizing your Rundeck usage? Get guidance from our experts on integration and optimization.

Quarterly Health Check

Share your Rundeck successes and get expert advice on issues. The Rundeck team is here to help you conquer challenges as they arise.

Rundeck Enterprise Features in Action

Clustering and High-Availability

In addition to high-availability and scalability, Rundeck Enterprise's cluster features give you control of where jobs execute within your Rundeck infrastructure. You can direct user traffic (GUI and API) to one set of Rundeck Enterprise instances while setting aside a different set of Rundeck Enterprise instances to handle job executions for specific Rundeck Projects. Seamlessly adjust capacity as needed. If any of the Rundeck Enterprise instances in your cluster are unreachable, the built-in heartbeat service prevents downtime and manages schedule takeover.


Advanced Workflow and Visualization

Rundeck Enterprise features an upgraded workflow engine that allows you to create more sophisticated workflow strategies. Conditionally determine when steps should be run/skipped
(based on option variables or other steps). Seamlessly move between parallel and sequential execution in the same workflow using a fork-join branching model. Configure built-in error handlers to determine what to do if a step fails. Graphical visualization of the workflow makes it easy to write and follow the execution of workflow logic.


Enhanced Access Rules Management

As your Rundeck usage grows, you will have more access control rules to manage and more user roles to test against those policies. Rundeck Enterprise provides advanced tools to simplify those tasks. Use Rundeck Enterprise's advanced rules editor to build and understand access control rules quickly. Verify the effect of changed rules using Rundeck Enterprise's access rules evaluator. Delegate project-level access control to project admins while maintaining separate system-wide access policies.