Rundeck Enterprise

A Powerful Automation Hub for Operations Tasks

Super charge your DevOps and Digital Transformation Initiatives

“By automating tasks in Rundeck, we have saved the equivalent of three or four dedicated people’s worth of time.”

DJ DeBrakeleer, Site Reliability Engineer, FreedomPay

“Rundeck has become completely invaluable. It's a touchpoint between multiple systems that otherwise wouldn't coordinate. Running simple and complex jobs is easy to setup and forget about, and Rundeck will happily keep them going, letting you know if something goes awry.”

Alec C, G2 Review 

“It takes 5 minutes to see the value of Rundeck. I wish I’d had it 20 years ago.”

Phil Todd, Director Software Development, CSG


Make your Automation More Secure, Auditable and Easier to Run



Essential Capabilities for a Runbook Automation Solution

Leverage Existing Skills and Investments

Rundeck doesn't replace your existing tools, scripts, API calls, or manual commands. Rundeck automates the workflows that span and invoke existing automation and manual commands.

Diagnose and Resolve Issues Quicker

Enable anyone to safely execute diagnostic procedures or remediation procedures, that previously only subject matter experts could execute, using Self-Service operations. 

Increase Compliance and Security Posture

Gain full security and compliance oversight, with granular access controls and a complete audit trail of all Rundeck actions. Safely extend operations privileges to other teams and business units.

Connects People to Tools and Infrastructure

Using Rundeck Enterprise, create workflows that span the different scripts, tools, APIs, and system commands to safely handoff the knowledge required to use the tools correctly and consistently.




Ops Actions Consumed On-Demand

Give the right people in your organization self-service access to the operations procedures they need to get their job done. Safely extend operations privileges to other teams and business units using Rundeck Enterprise’s Access Control, ACL and User Editors.

Always On, Never Fails

When something fails, your runbooks have to be ready to run at a moment's notice. Ensure your runbook automation is continuously operational with Rundeck Enterprise’s HA capabilities.


Built-in Activity Log for Auditing

Audit and search all previous Job and command executions. Know who wrote the job, who ran the job, exactly what the job called (tools, scripts, commands, APIs, etc.), where it ran, and what happened.

Plugable into Existing Ecosystem

Whether its monitoring, ticketing, and automation tools, infrastructure, or security, we have you covered. Get started quickly using Rundeck’s out-of-the-box integrations or easily build your own.




We’ve Got You Covered

From advice about your Rundeck usage to help with troubleshooting, our support team has you covered. Standard and 24x7 options are available.

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