Shorter Incidents. Fewer Escalations.

Automate Your Runbooks the Rundeck Way.
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Fewer and shorter incidents. Avoid unnecessary escalations.  Get more done.
Everybody Wins.

How it works
  1. Automate
    Turn your existing tools and scripts into repeatable workflows
  2. Delegate
    Safely give access to those who need it — including yourself!
  3. Celebrate
    Enjoy the extra time as the interruptions and waiting disappear.
Why Rundeck?

You and your colleagues are the most valuable parts of your company. Resolve incidents quicker and improve productivity. Rundeck's self-service capabilities eliminate the roadblocks and interruptions that get in the way of Ops work. Rundeck doesn't change the tools, scripts, commands, and APIs that you use to do your work — Rundeck makes it better.

What’s in it for your company?
The Case for Rundeck

Move quicker and get more done, all while improving security and compliance