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Automate Your Operations with Rundeck

Incident Management & Remediation

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Rundeck is runbook automation. Give anyone self-service access to the operations capabilities that previously only your subject matter experts could perform.

Popular use cases include incident management, business continuity, service requests, or just spreading the operational load among your colleagues.

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“We think next year Rundeck is probably going to save us 28 people-years worth of work, at fairly conservaitive estimates, and we haven’t really rolled it out particularly widely yet.”

Shaun Norris
Standard Chartered Bank
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What is Runbook Automation?

Cutting down incidents and reducing escalations

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Maximize Your Existing Skills and Tools

Rundeck doesn’t replace what you’ve got; Rundeck makes it better.

Easy to Integrate with Anything

Leverage existing plugins, plus it’s trivial to make your own.

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Rundeck reviews sourced by G2
Improving Organizations with Rundeck
Rundeck helps keep Ops out of the way of the business
Avatar of Jonathan Reinink
Jordan Koch
Director of Platform Engineering
The Walt Disney Company
Rundeck reduced interruptions from alerts and saved us time. It is automation for automation.
Avatar of Jonathan Reinink
Kosy Anyanwu
Software Engineer
Cloud Infrastructure Tools
It takes 5 minutes to see the value of Rundeck. I wish I’d had it 20 years ago.
Avatar of Jonathan Reinink
Phil Todd
Director of Software Development
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