What's New in Rundeck 3.4

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This release is packed with exciting new features and enhancements for both Rundeck Enterprise and Open Source

In this session we will give a live walkthrough covering new capabilities released in Rundeck 3.4. Learn about security & compliance improvements we’ve made including the ability to organize secrets management by project -- so now each Runbook can access a different set of passwords and keys for its access control list (ACL). We also have a new plug-in for Thycotic users to manage secrets. Rundeck 3.4 now allows for queueing of jobs when those jobs must be run serially. Finally, we’ll discuss our vision for the future of Rundeck, and our primary development themes for the next year.

Forrest Evans, Dir. of Product Management, Rundeck

Forrest is a Product Manager / Technologist with an extensive history in designing and developing complex technical solutions with leading edge technologies to solve business challenges.  In his spare time, Forrest is a craft cocktail mixologist and rides motorcycles. 
Miguel Ramos, Software Engineer III, Rundeck
Miguel is a Software Engineer and UX Engineer at Rundeck by PagerDuty.  In his spare time, Miguel likes to struggle at golf with his equally terrible golf buddies.