Runbook Automation For Modernizing Your Operations

Problem: Incidents are costly and disruptive


Incident costs go beyond the direct cost of the outage.

Responders to the incident have to drop what they were doing — causing a loss in productivity and ripple effects that delay important project work.

Any delay in resolution adds to the incident cost. Each person involved in the response (including escalations) adds to the incident cost.


Solution: Automate your runbooks with Rundeck

Use Rundeck to create automated runbooks. Then give the right people in your organization self-service access to the operations procedures they need to get their job done.

Create standard operating procedures that enable faster resolution of incidents.

Expand the number of people who can safely respond to incidents.

Cut down on the number of escalations and interruptions.

Create self-service that eliminates the need to fill out tickets and wait.

Example: Alice uses Rundeck to resolve incidents quicker & eliminate interruptions


This is Alice. She gets interrupted a lot. Alice's pager, ticket queue, and chat windows regularly prevent her from getting to the important projects that will move her company forward.

Sometimes the interruption is an incident with a production service. Sometimes the interruption is an ad-hoc repetitive request — do a restart, run the health checks, add/remove capacity, create a report, or execute a maintenance request.

Alice realizes that she could gain back lots of time if she could safely enable her colleagues to help themselves.

Alice decides to use Rundeck to create automated runbooks for two of the most frequent procedures used for both incident response and ad-hoc requests — restarts and health checks in production.

Step 1: Automate

Of course, Alice has scripts and tools for most of the things she does.

But, it is difficult to handoff the knowledge required to use and coordinate the tools correctly and consistently.

Using Rundeck, Alice quickly creates workflows that span the different scripts, tools, APIs, and system commands she uses to do the restarts and health checks when called upon.



Step 2: Delegate


Alice now has automated runbooks — repeatable and automated standard operating procedures that she can use to handle interruptions quicker and get back to her other work.

Also, Alice has discovered that Rundeck's great value is in being able to give her colleagues self-service access to those same automated runbooks.

Step 3: Celebrate


Now a broad group of Alice's colleagues can take action without interrupting Alice. Incidents get resolved quicker and with fewer escalations. Provisioning, maintenance, diagnostics become self-service, so fewer tickets get opened.

Alice is happy because she now has time to spend on the work that moves her company — and her career — forward. Alice's managers are happy because more work is getting done, and it's getting done quicker. Everybody wins.


Runbooks enable Self-Service Operations.

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Rundeck Use Cases
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If you can script it, you can Rundeck it.Simplifying PeopleSoft Administration with Rundeck.
Charlie Sinks
Sr. Software Engineer, Andersen Windows
Rundeck reduced interruptions from alerts and saved us time. It is automation for automation.
Kosy Anyanwu
Software Engineer, Cloud Infrastructure Tools
Rundeck helps keep Ops out of the way of the business
Jordan Koch
Sr. Manager of Systems Engineering, The Walt Disney Company
The Rundeck Difference

Rundeck helps your company improve how it operates. At the team level, users report strong increases in productivity and responsiveness. At the organization level, users report improved throughput and agility while increasing their compliance and security posture. Rundeck delivers these benefits at a low implementation cost since Rundeck leverages your existing skills and tool investments.


How Rundeck Enterprise is Licensed
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Rundeck Server Instances
Example: 4-instance Rundeck Enterprise Cluster
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  • World-class support

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