Super-Charge your Site Reliability Practices with Runbook Automation



How to use SRE concepts to reduce toil, build self-service management and modernize tooling
Whether you are in a traditional operations organization or a “you build it, you run it” team, this webinar will explore strategies for increasing automation to improve your Operations so you can continue to create excellent experiences for your customers.

Watch this webinar to learn: 

-How you can reduce MTTR and eliminate toil with Self-Service Operations

-Common workflow challenges and opportunities

-How you can use Runbook Automation to enable Self-Service Operations

-Ways to leverage existing assets and workflows by integrating Rundeck with existing toolsets

-See a demo of real world cases

Craig Hobbs
craig hobbs, Solutions Consultant

Craig is a SyFy Super Fan and Do-Gooder at PagerDuty.  Craig has nearly 10 years of experience in system integrations, environment observability and application performance. At PagerDuty, Craig works tirelessly to help others understand how to use the Rundeck Orchestration to solve some of the most complex automation challenges.