Rundeck Pro

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  • Built and tested for the enterprise
  • Exclusive features and plugins
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Features Exclusive to Rundeck Pro


Enhanced Interface

Rundeck Pro’s usability and visualization enhancements help you and your team get the most out of your Rundeck usage

  • Improved summary views at both the project and job levels
  • See forecast of upcoming scheduled jobs
  • See past job executions, status, and duration
  • Select favorite projects and jobs
  • Configurable history views of all activity
  • Dashboards to spot trends and activity of note

Advanced Workflow

While Rundeck is built on the principle of simplicity, there are times when business needs necessitate more complicated workflows. Rundeck Pro has you covered with the Advanced Workflow Ruleset feature.

When creating a job, you can use simple notation to define custom rules that determine how the workflow executes.

  • Run jobs in sequence or parallel
  • Determine when steps should be skipped (based on option variables or other steps)
  • Branching using fork-join model (enables several predecessor steps to execute and then merge for sequential execution)
  • Use the built-in error handler to do determine what to do if a step fails
  • Graphical visualization of the workflow definition makes it easy to write and understand workflow logic
See Workflows in Action

Real-Time Visualization of Workflow Execution

Watch workflows execute in real-time with a live graphical view. Each step is highlighted as it executes. See what steps have run. See what steps are coming up next.

Want a different view of a job execution? Rundeck Pro lets you watch activity the way you want to watch it. Toggle between the live view that best supports your current need: high-level summary, workflow oriented, node oriented, or collated log-level output.


Improved Windows Remote Execution

Rundeck Pro includes Powershell plugins for organizations whose infrastructure is predominantly Windows.

These Powershell plugins support native integration to Windows and enable execution of batch and Powershell scripts (including the ability to copy files from the Rundeck Pro server to the remote windows nodes).

Note: Powershell plugins require the Rundeck Pro server to be installed on a Windows Server. For Rundeck Pro servers running on Linux, the WinRM plugin provides Windows connectivity. 


Support from Core Rundeck Team

At Rundeck, we pride ourselves on how we support our customers. From architecture and usage advice to documentation clarification to troubleshooting, we are here to help.

  • Communicate directly with the core Rundeck team
  • No restrictions on the number of support issues you can open via our support portal
  • No restrictions on what questions you can ask. Short of writing code or configuring your servers for you, our support will have you covered.

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