Modernizing Incident Response: Quicker Resolution and Fewer Escalations


Failure is inevitable. But are you incurring more downtime and disruption than necessary?  

Legacy incident response techniques have difficulty keeping up with the increasing pace of change and skyrocketing complexity of today’s application environments. During this webinar, you’ll learn about modern incident response techniques that can dramatically shorten incidents and reduce escalations.Join the experts from Rundeck and PagerDuty as they share: 
  • How a real-time operations platform intelligently manages alerts and on-call mobilization, delivering the right people the right information at the right time 
  • How runbook automation gives front-line response teams self-service access to run automated workflows – or runbooks – that diagnose and resolve incidents without escalating to an expert. 
  • How to automatically detect, diagnose, and resolve incidents without human intervention.

Damon Edwards

Damon Edwards is a Co-Founder of Rundeck. He was previously a Managing Partner at DTO Solutions, a DevOps and IT operations improvement consultancy. Damon has spent the past 19 years working with both the technology and business ends of IT Operations.