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Rundeck is runbook automation. Give your first responders self-service access to the operations capabilities that previously only your subject matter experts could perform.
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Demo: Shorter Incidents. Fewer Escalations.
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Rundeck + PagerDuty Integration Features
Automatically trigger Rundeck jobs at start of PagerDuty incident.
Trigger Rundeck jobs during an incident using PagerDuty custom actions.
Have your Rundeck jobs update incident notes in PagerDuty.
Rundeck notifications can trigger a PagerDuty incident.


How it works:

  • PagerDuty communicates with Rundeck over HTTP.
  • Triggering Rundeck jobs at start of incident or from PagerDuty custom actions utilizes Rundeck’s advanced webhooks features available in Rundeck Enterprise.
  • The PagerDuty notification plugin is available in Rundeck Community and Rundeck Enterprise.
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