Curated list of plugins that either extend Rundeck or enable other tools to integrate with Rundeck. Want to have your plugin on this list? See this how-to.


Created, maintained, and supported by independent Rundeck community members and can be used in any edition of Rundeck.

Rundeck Supported

Support for these plugins is included with a Rundeck Enterprise subscription.

Enterprise exclusive

These are created and supported by Rundeck, Inc. for the exclusive user of Rundeck Enterprise subscribers.

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This plugin brings Ansible support to Rundeck. It imports hosts from Ansible's inventory, including a bunch of facts, and can run modules and playbooks. There is also a node executor and file copier for your project.

Hashicorp Vault

Storage plugin for Rundeck for storing data in Vault

Kubernetes Plugin

Integration with Kubernetes. Create Kubernetes Deployments, Services and Jobs. Run ad hoc command executions inside Kubernetes containers.

Jenkins Plugins

Plugins for Jenkins to call Rundeck Jobs after successful builds, using Jenkins as an Option Provider for Rundeck Jobs, and tiggering a build on Jenkins after a Rundeck Job executes.

SQLRunner Step Plugin

This node step plugin executes a .sql script against a JDBC URL.

Bundled with Rundeck Enterprise.

Rundeck Slack Plugin

Sends rundeck notification messages to a slack channel. This plugin is based on HipChat Plugin from Hayden Bakkum

Pagerduty Notification Plugin

Use this notification plugin to send trigger events to your PagerDuty service.

AWS S3 Step Plugin

Simple shell wrapper around aws s3 CLI to expose subcommands as node steps.

Powershell Tools Plugin

This plugin provides a Node Executor and File Copier for executing remote Commands and Scripts from a Rundeck server hosted on Windows, to other Windows remote nodes.

Bundled with Rundeck Enterprise.

Puppet Apply Step Plugin

The Puppet Apply Step Plugin executes the puppet apply command on each node matching the Job node filter. The manifest file specified by the plugin is assumed to be present on the remote node.

Servicenow Plugin

Includes Rundeck workflow steps that changes an incident state, checks assigned incidents, checks an incident state, comments an incident, creates an incident, and provides server information from Service Now CMDB.

Bundled with Rundeck Enterprise.

Device42 Nodes

Synchronize node data for Rundeck from Device42's CMDB.

Jira Notification

Add job status information as a comment to a JIRA issue

Git Resource Model

Uses Git to store Rundeck resource model file.

JDBC Node Step

NodeStep plugin for executing groovy sql scripts on databases using a jdbc connection.

OpsGenie Notification

Notification plugin to send messages to OpsGenie

Consul Model Source Plugin

Two plugins to allow external resource pools utilizing Consul. This allows semaphore management using Consul within Rundeck Jobs.

Google Cloud Platform Nodes

Provides Google Cloud Platform GCE Instances as Rundeck Nodes.

Rundeck Azure Storage Plugin

Provides a connection with Azure Storage to list/get/put Azure blobs and synchronize folders from a storage account.

Chef-Rundeck Data Providers

Chef Options Provider for RunDeck with extra features

Chef Nodes

Web service to provide Chef node data to Rundeck projects.

HTTP Workflow Step

Step plugin for GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, HEAD, and OPTIONS HTTP methods

Puppet MCollective Nodes Plugin

A script based mcollective node resource provider employing the mcollective mco uility.

Jira Workflow Step

Rundeck workflow step that checks if specified Jira issue exists

Powershell AWS CLI S3 Steps

Workflow steps to interact with AWS S3 using Powershell.

Slack Notification Plugin

Rundeck notification plugin for Slack Incoming-WebHook.

Rudeck Kubernetes Nodes Plugin

A rundeck plugin which provide kubernetes nodes to Rundeck.

Rundeck Kubernetes Step Plugin

A Rundeck plugin which allow to create(/run/delete) Kubernetes jobs from Rundeck jobs.

Rundeck GCP Nodes Plugin

Get resource node data from Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine.

Nixy Step Plugins

A set of step plugins for unixy Nodes. These step plugins provide a set of utilities supporting several common use cases.

WinRM Plugin

Uses WinRM to connect to Windows and execute commands. It uses the OverThere Library to provide the WinRM implementation, and uses Basic authentication over HTTPS

(see also py-winrm for python implementation)

Rundeck EC2 Nodes Plugin

This is a Resource Model Source plugin for RunDeck 1.5+ that provides Amazon EC2 Instances as nodes for the RunDeck server.

Mesos Plugin

Workflow steps to create and use apps and tasks in Mesos

Py-WinRM Plugin

Python implementation of WinRM plugin for connecting to Windows Nodes

Rundeck Nomad Workflow Step

Workflow Step plugin for submitting jobs to a Nomad cluster via Rundeck UI. The plugin interacts with a Nomad server via HTTP API.

Rocket.Chat Notification

Notification plugin to send alert events to your Rocket Chat service.

Telnet Node Executor

Node Executor plugin to execute commands over Telnet

Fluentd Plugin

Rundeck streaming Log Writer plugin that will pipe all log output to a Fluentd.

Cloudify Plugin

Call Rundeck API from Cloudify.

oVirt/RHEV-m Nodes Plugin

Provides oVirt/RHEV-m Instances as Rundeck nodes.

Salt Step Plugin

Allows Rundeck to delegate tasks to a Salt master by executing the request over salt-api.

HipChat Notification Plugin

Sends Rundeck notification messages to a HipChat room.

Rundeck Bolt Plugin

Prototype Puppet Bolt node executor plugin.

IRC Notification Plugin

Send job notifications to an IRC channel


Nexus plugin turns Nexus into an Option provider for Rundeck.

DingTalk Notification

Send a notification to DingTalk

Salt Resource Model Source

Uses Mine function of SaltStack to populate nodes in Rundeck

Puppet Enterprise Nodes Plugin

Gets node info from puppet db

Kerberos executor plugin

Execute remote commands using Kerberos authentication.

Redmine Notification Plugin

Sends Rundeck notifications to redmine

PuppetDB to Rundeck Nodes

Web service to provide Puppet node data to Rundeck projects.

Puppet Nodes

Web service to provide Puppet node data to Rundeck projects.

HTTP Notification Plugin

Rundeck notification plugin that makes HTTP requests

Powershell Network Drive Plugin

Rundeck workflow steps to map and unmap drives.

Jabber Notification Preferences

Send Rundeck job notifications to Jabber

Telegram Notification

Sends Rundeck notifications to Telegram

Rudder Nodes Plugin

Provides Rudder nodes as Rundeck nodes

Http Post Plugin

Send a htpp post as a workflow step (see the HTTP Workflow Step plugin for more features)

Rightscale Nodes Plugin

Provides Rightscale instances as Rundeck nodes.

Nexus Rundeck

Nexus plugin turns Nexus into an Option provider for RunDeck (see also the Nexus3-Rundeck plugin).

Bamboo Rundeck Plugin

Bamboo Plugin extends build plan to trigger a Rundeck job.

Rundeck Azure Plugins

Resource Model plugin, an Execution Log Storage plugin, and others plugin steps like Create/Start/Stop Azure VMs.

Logstash Plugin

Simple Rundeck streaming Log Writer plugin that will pipe all log output to a Logstash server by writing Json to a TCP port.

Rundeck Puppet (Python)

Feed Rundeck with open source Puppet nodes. This Python script lets you customize the facts exposed to Rundeck, which you can then query with the Node selector.

Stub Plugin

Provides a Node Executor, File Copier, and Resource Model Source

S3 Log Storage Plugin

This is a plugin for Rundeck that uses Amazon S3 to store execution log files, for backup or for cloud-friendly behavior.

Flow Control Plugin

Control Workflow execution behavior

Job State Plugin

Can query and assert the state of another Job

Script Plugin

Defines Script Node Executor and Script File Copier

Execution Replication File Storage Plugin

Execution Replication File Storage Plugin.

Bundled with Rundeck Enterprise Cluster.

Local Execution Plugin

A Node Step plugin which executes a command locally instead of on a target node

Job Replication Plugin

This plugin is a SCM Export plugin, which automatically replicates Job definitions to a secondary Rundeck instance whenever a Job is modified within a project.

Bundled with Rundeck Enterprise Cluster.

Chef Nodes

Web service to provide Chef node data to Rundeck projects.

OpenSSH Bastion Host

Provides a node-executor and file-copier supporting ssh actions through a bastion host (jump host).

WebDav Logstore

Store execution logs in a WebDAV repository

log4j Streaming Logwriter

Sends Rundeck job output messages to the specified log4j logger.

Copy File Plugin

Provides a Node Step that can copy a file to a node, using the Node's File Copier

SSH Plugins

Defines SSH Node Executor and SCP File Copier

Built-in Resource Model Sources

Rundeck comes with three built-in Resource Model Source providers: File, Directory, URL

Jasypt Encryption Plugin

Encrypt contents of Storage resources


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