Introduction to Rundeck

3 August, 2021

1:00pm London | 2:00pm Berlin | 5:30pm New Delhi


Live Interactive Demonstration of Runbook Automation  

During this short session, we’ll walk through common use cases and challenges runbook automation can solve and the value of reduced incident duration, faster remediation and increased productivity for your enterprise.
Join us to learn how to: 
  • Make your existing automation, scripts and commands more secure, auditable and easier to run with Rundeck 
  • Enable the safe delegation of tasks to responders and operators through self-service operations
  • Define automated workflows across tools, scripts and APIs to delegate operational actions to others
  • See why customers using Rundeck regularly see 60% shorter incidents and a 20% increase in productivity

The demo will last about 30 minutes with plenty of time for Q&A. If you’re unable to make it, we’ll be sure to send the recording in a follow up.

David Darby - 8 final-1-SM

David Darby, Senior Solutions Consultant

David has a long history in "Automation" beginning with build automation (Continuous Integration) using tools like Build Forge and Jenkins, then Continuous Delivery (Urban Code Deploy, Xebia Labs) and now RunBook automation with RunDeck/PagerDuty.  In his spare time, David enjoys hiking/climbing mountains and road cycling/touring on a tandem bike with his wife.