Automated Remediation with Rundeck + Sensu

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Automated Remediation Pairs Monitoring as Code and Runbook Automation 

As operators, it's our job to monitor infrastructure, systems and applications and only wake up humans for tasks machines can't fix on their own.  Automated remediation pairs monitoring and runbook automation, giving you a monitoring system that can trigger operational actions with runbook automation to shorten incident response times and avoid alert fatigue. 
In this webinar, Rundeck Director of Product Management Forrest Evans and Sensu Developer Advocate Todd Campbell will discuss the key role automated remediation plays in the monitoring journey, with live demos of both the Rundeck and Sensu integrations. You'll learn all about monitoring as code workflows with the Sensu Observability Pipeline and how to deliver runbook automation with Rundeck - and see how the two together can help you achieve automated remediation. 
Forrest Evans, Dir. of Product Management, Rundeck

Forrest is a Product Manager / Technologist with an extensive history in designing and developing complex technical solutions with leading edge technologies to solve business challenges.  In his spare time, Forrest is a craft cocktail mixologist and rides motorcycles. 
Todd Campbell, Developer Advocate, Sensu

Todd Campbell's work with Sensu as a user and developer enables him to gain valuable insight that helps inform Sensu product messaging and engineering priorities.  A living kidney donor and advocate for organ donation, Todd resides in Huntersville, North Carolina with his wife.