Ask the Rundeck Expert

August 5, 2021

10:00am San Francisco | 1:00pm New York | 2:00pm Sao Paulo


Ask the Rundeck Expert - LIVE!  

Have questions about Rundeck?  Join our monthly 60 min. of LIVE support!  We'll host a panel of experienced Rundeck team members to take your live support questions.  Whenever possible, we'll answer your questions with a live demo in the Rundeck interface.  Pre-submit your questions today.


Ask About: 

  • Rundeck best practices
  • PagerDuty integration
  • How to solve use cases 
  • New features and how they might benefit your team

Nathan Fluegel

For over 20 years, Nathan Fluegel has been supporting and enabling customers to be successful with their technology solutions.  Though the nature of specific job titles has changed over the years, his focus has always been on helping customers apply technology to address their specific challenges.