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John Becker
Rundeck for Secure Script Execution whitepaper by the SANS Institute

Many organizations today support physical, virtual, and cloud-based systems across a wide range of operating systems. Providing least privilege access to systems can be a complex mesh of...

Maxime Longuet
@Rundeck For me #Rundeck + #Rudder is The perfect association ;) via @mtcocktail
John E. Vincent
How Rundeck is Formed

I’ve mentioned a few times across various tweets that I’m a big fan of Rundeck. Since a few folks have asked why/how we use it I figured a blog post is better...

Phil Austin
No joke @Rundeck. As far as I'm concerned this is a missing pillar of DevOps! (@PhilAustin01)
so glad to have stumbled upon @Rundeck check it out! http://rundeck.org #devops (@_ioshark)
Nick Turley
If you haven't tried @Rundeck before, you should. Spent the day building out some sweet #SecOps automation. #SimplifyOps (@nickskm)
Praveen Narayanan
Had a great start with @Rundeck today! (@iVanPeer)
Steffan Lindner
That was easy! Married @gitlab with @Rundeck. Enjoy auto deploy right now. Automate all the things! :P (@gomezr)
Valentin Ouvrard
I Use @Rundeck for Auto-Deployement in my Docker CI/CD Pipeline using @gitlab CI. A great Tool and a powerful API. #Docker (@Valentin_NC)
Zsolt Janos
Lovely stuff guys, it changed things for us. Great tool. (@zsoca87)
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