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Clearing the Way for SRE in the Enterprise

The full chapter 10 from O'Reilly Media's "Seeking SRE" book 


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Toil the Enemy of SRE

Changing how an organization does its operations is difficult at scale. However, it is in the enterprise where the challenges and roadblocks often seem like insurmountable mountains.

One of those challenges is toil. Think of toil as the hidden villain in the journey to SRE.  In organizations with a traditional operations culture, spotting and eliminating toil is a skill that needs to be learned.

Read this chapter in O’Reilly Media’s “Seeking SRE” by Damon Edwards, Founder of Rundeck, to learn:

  • How to begin transforming traditional operations organizations to SRE

  • How to identify and clear toil and the other obstacles that will undermine your SRE transformation

  • And much more.

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