Why We Are Excited About NewOps Days (And You Should Be Too)


Operations is changing, and it is changing fast. Wouldn't it be helpful to be surrounded by peers who are working on the same transformative topics?

We believe this kind of experience is invaluable. That is why we are joining forces with Splunk and the DevOps Institute to produce a new community-focused conference series called NewOps Days.

Here is what you need to know:

  • 1-day community-based events (first is October 10 in San Jose, CA)
  • Designed for practitioners to meet to discuss their challenges and share their experiences
  • Format is a single-track of speakers plus open space sessions (group discussions about topics voted on by attendees)
  • San Jose Keynote speakers are SRE and platform engineering experts from LinkedIn and Disney
  • Totally FREE, thanks to the sponsors (includes lunch and networking reception)

Register now to reserve your spot. Visit the NewOps Days site for more info.

More information...

Who should attend NewOps Days?

The role of Operations is expanding and we embrace that. No matter your connection to operations work, your participation is welcome at NewOps Days. We expect individual contributors and managers, Systems Administrators and SREs, even developers who are expanding their responsibility to take on operational responsibilities.

Who organizes NewOps Days?

NewOps Days is a community event underwritten by Splunk, with the help of Rundeck and the DevOps Institute. The organizing committee is Andi Mann, Jayne Groll, and Damon Edwards. Support from our underwriters — both logistically and monetarily — allows the organizers to stay focused on the content while making this a free event that includes food and drinks!

What does the name mean?

The name NewOps Days is a blatant homage to DevOps Days. There isn't a larger meaning other than a place for practitioners to get together and discuss topics such as SRE, Cloud Native, Automation, Lean, DevOps, Platform Engineering, Incident Response and more.

Will there be more NewOps Days?

Yes! If all goes well, we aim for around 4 per year in different parts of the world.