What’s New: 3.4.4 Cloudy With Significant Automation

We’ve launched some tasty new features and enhancements in Rundeck version 3.4—and we aren’t done yet. The 3.4 party continues with version 3.4.4, which includes not-to-be-missed features. Read on to see what 3.4.4 has to offer! 


Expanded Cloud Infrastructure Plugins

To better support cloud automation at scale, we’ve significantly expanded our cloud plugins for popular public clouds. This release includes new cloud infrastructure plugins that add coverage for Oracle Cloud and Google Cloud platforms and expand coverage within the Amazon Web Services and Azure platforms.

Now users can automate infrastructure tasks across all the major cloud providers, benefit from connecting cloud operations to IT process workflows, and even turn cloud service requests into self-service operations for end users. 

With these updates, Rundeck users can apply a single script to multiple nodes and perform similar actions across multiple clouds which, overlaid with other resource contexts, provides users with the ability to create automated processes that span multiple domains.  For example, you can create a job that operates on multiple nodes in an AWS instance and nodes in Google Cloud Platform.

Find the full list of expanded cloud infrastructure plugins here


New UI-based Ruleset Designer

Jobs with complicated rule steps and conditionals can be hard to understand. To help users better visualize pathways according to step rules and conditions, we introduced Ruleset Visualization as an incubating feature in 3.4.2. With the 3.4.4 release, it's now possible to use the GUI to design your Ruleset and generate the rules automatically! 

Ruleset Designer

This new feature provides users with an easy view of the progression of jobs based on rules and conditions set for each step. The Ruleset Workflow Strategy allows users to provide more complex logic around job step execution. To use the Ruleset Strategy, choose Ruleset on the Workflow tab when editing a Job.

This feature is especially useful when you are writing complex workflows that include logic directives or workflow steps that need to be executed in a specific order.  

Learn more about Ruleset Visualization here. 


Accessible Colors

We’ve updated our color palette with new colors that help make Rundeck more accessible to people with disabilities by enhancing the contrast and overall visual presence of Rundeck. We think the updated color palette looks pretty good too! 

Before-afterBefore and After Color Changes


Read the release notes to learn more.