TWL: DevOps Experiences from a 165-year Old Bank by Shaun Norris

In this edition of Talks We Like, I'm featuring Shaun Norris, Global Head of Cloud Infrastructure Services at Standard Chartered Bank.

Working at a 165-year old bank operating in over 60 countries, you can imagine the complexity, compliance, and legacy hurdles in front of Shaun and his team. This talk provides an exciting overview of the various strategies that Standard Chartered is employing to modernize their IT Operations.

My favorite part of the DevOps Enterprise Summit conferences is the unique community of senior practitioners who gather to share their experiences. This talk is an excellent example of that community in action.

What I like about this talk:

  1. Shaun addresses what it means when you are in the all too common scenario where operational processes have been historically optimized for compliance, not for speed.
  2. Shaun's pragmatic take on the inevitable move to cloud and containers
  3. The patterned-based (and code implemented) approach to platform architecture
  4. Rundeck! So of course, I'm a fan of all talks by Rundeck community members. However, the story that wraps the Rundeck usage is independently useful for two reasons: 1. it speaks to how self-service implemented correctly can reduce the compliance burden 2. it is a reminder of how innovation can come from unexpected sources.