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Try Rundeck 2.11 Features Early. Help the Community.

A release candidate of open source Rundeck 2.11 is now available. This release includes a number of new features, so we'd like extra feedback before making it GA.

This release includes improved support for job reference steps (have a step in one job call another job), improved plugin administration, improved GIT integration, and more. See the full list and download instructions below.

SCM/Git plugin:
  • Works in Cluster mode
  • Improvements to jobs page load speed
  • Can disable SCM status checks in the GUI
  • Set a Label to display instead of the name
Job reference steps:
  • Can reference jobs via UUID as well as group/name, so you can rename jobs #3115
  • Deleting a job will check if any steps reference the job and warn you
  • Automatically pass job options to the job reference #3056
  • Notifications for referenced jobs are triggered
  • Statistics (success/duration) of referenced jobs are updated
  • Timeout for referenced jobs is enforced
  • Choose behavior if the referenced job is disabled: fail or pass
  • (see #3040)
Job Options:
  • Set a Label to display instead of the name
  • Multivalue option delimiter is available in data context as ${}/$RD_OPTION_NAME_DELIMITER
  • Admins can disable/enable plugins for a project in the GUI or via project config #3122
Job Node Threadcount:
  • Can use an option value
Job Notification:
  • Can send a notification if the job duration exceeds an absolute time, or relative to the job's average #3087
  • Separate notifications for failure vs. retryable failure (i.e.) #2864
Plugin development:
• Dynamic list of Select value inputs for Java plugins
Note: Once this release is GA, these features will be available in the next Rundeck Pro release.