SRE Anti-Pattern: "I'm An Expert, I Don't Check the Wiki."
Damon Edwards     September 17, 2018 Rundeck, Self-Service Operations, SRE

In this edition of SRE Anti-Patterns, I'm highlighting one of the more substantial shortcomings of written documentation — it is difficult to get people to read it!

Going to Velocity? Stop by and See us

Will you be at the Velocity Conference in San Jose, June 12-14? The Rundeck team will be in Booth #713 demonstrating Rundeck Pro. Want fewer tickets and more self-service in your Ops organization? Who doesn't? Learn how to get started with Operations as a Service. We'll show you how the Rundeck IT Operations Management platform can make your team more efficient while maintaining security and compliance. 

How to Calculate the ROI of Self-Service Operations

Companies are moving to self-service operations as a way to increase agility by reducing the friction of ticket queues and cross-department dependencies. Actions are moved to be within the reach of those who need them. Calculating the return on investment of self-service operations will always vary from company to company as each business operates in a unique environment.

New Office Hours Session featuring Rundeck Pro Log Filtering

Don't miss Office Hours with our Rundeck Pro experts.  The November session, on November 29, 2017 at 9 am PDT, will focus on Rundeck Pro's log filtering capabilities. Learn how this feature allows you to render the output of your Rundeck jobs to improve readability and make it easier to share important info within your organization.

The Operations as a Service Guide is Here

Operations as a Service is a design pattern that allows an Operations organization to move faster, be more fexible, and lock things down. 

On the surface, Operations as a Service appears to be a straightforward concept — turn your operations tasks into automated services that can be consumed on-demand (via GUI, command line, or API) by anyone who needs those operations task performed.

However, when you look deeper, you’ll see that a lot goes into making this straightforward vision a reality.

Don't Miss Our New Office Hours Session featuring Rundeck Pro Cluster

We're excited to announce new monthly Office Hours with our Rundeck Pro experts.  The first session, on October 11, 2017 at 9 am PDT, will focus on Rundeck Pro Cluster.  Last month, we launched a new and improved version of Rundeck Pro Cluster that delivers the availability, scalability and management features required for IT Operations in the DevOps and Digital Transformation age.