Why We Are Excited About NewOps Days (And You Should Be Too)
Dawn van Hoegaerden     September 18, 2018 IT Operations, Rundeck

Operations is changing, and it is changing fast. Wouldn't it be helpful to be surrounded by peers who are working on the same transformative topics?

SRE Anti-Pattern: "I'm An Expert, I Don't Check the Wiki."
Damon Edwards     September 17, 2018 Rundeck, Self-Service Operations, SRE

In this edition of SRE Anti-Patterns, I'm highlighting one of the more substantial shortcomings of written documentation — it is difficult to get people to read it!

Rundeck + Splunk: Adding New Ops Visibility Across the Enterprise
Paul Lambert     September 13, 2018 Rundeck

Much Operations work, especially troubleshooting and incident response, is about what you know and when you know it. Splunk is the industry leader in event and log aggregation products, and Splunk Enterprise is the de facto industry standard for Operations, DevOps, Security/SIEM and other teams to obtain insights and create dashboards from nearly any type of machine data. 

Rundeck Enterprise and Rundeck Community users are no different. They've seen the benefits of integrating Rundeck and Splunk to make operations run better. We heard them and got to work. Now you can access your Rundeck data from within the Splunk platform.

Read more below. Want to see it in action? Don't miss our live Office Hours featuring a walk-through of the Rundeck App of Splunk.

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SRE Anti-Pattern: "I Could Fix It, If I Could Get To It"

In this edition of SRE Anti-Patterns, I'm highlighting the common enterprise problem of disjointed access. Often the people responding to an incident are blocked from taking the required recovery actions even though they have the first-hand knowledge and experience needed to know what to do.

Rundeck Is Synchronizing Version Numbers Across All Products
Alex Honor     July 30, 2018 Rundeck

With the release of Rundeck 3.0, version numbers and release timing will now be synchronized across open source Rundeck and Rundeck Pro products.

Rundeck 3.0 is Coming Soon!
Alex Honor     July 19, 2018 Rundeck

Rundeck 3.0 is on its way. Featuring a full refresh of the UI and a significant upgrade of internal components, this is a big step forward for both the Rundeck open source project and Rundeck Pro. It is exciting enough that we are leaping from 2.x to 3.0 numbering.