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3 Tips for Managers Rolling Out Ansible
Damon Edwards

“Just fell in love with @Rundeck to let non-ops people run @ansible playbooks.”-CTO, Digital Agency

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Getting to Self-Service: Break Up the Monolithic Thinking About Ops Procedures
Damon Edwards

 The Takeaways:

  • Ops procedures are not as monolithic as commonly believed
  • Separate each element and move to where it will do the the most to improve the flow of work or labor utilization
  • Implement Operations as a Service capabilities and move your organization towards a Self-Service Operations model 

"But... how?" is an immediate response we often hear when presenting the idea of moving to a Self-Service Operations model that allows the standardization and delegation of operations tasks to people outside of traditional ops roles.  This is usually followed by a statement like "the benefits make sense and the end-state is appealing, but I'm having difficulty seeing how we get from here to there."

We've learned that this uncertainty is usually an artifact of the historical belief that automated operations procedures are a monolithic task. As people separate their thinking about automated operations procedures into distinct elements, the belief dissipates, and the path to Self-Service Operations becomes clearer. These elements are: the ability to define a procedure, the ability to execute that procedure, and the governance around that procedure. Once separated, you can start to see how each element can be distributed to the teams and roles in your organization where it most improves the flow of work or utilization of labor. 

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