6 Things You May Not Know About Rundeck Pro (But Should)
by Dawn van Hoegaerden     September 22, 2017 Rundeck, Featured

As a Rundeck open source user, the standard features and benefits of Rundeck are undoubtedly familiar to you. But do you know all of the great benefits that you get when you upgrade to Rundeck Pro? From enterprise features and scalability to getting a direct line of communication to core the Rundeck team, Rundeck Pro helps you take your Rundeck usage to the next level.

Here are 6 key things you may not know about Rundeck Pro:   

3 Tips for Managers Rolling Out Ansible

“Just fell in love with @Rundeck to let non-ops people run @ansible playbooks.”-CTO, Digital Agency

Getting to Self-Service: Break Up the Monolithic Thinking About Ops Procedures

 The Takeaways:

  • Ops procedures are not as monolithic as commonly believed
  • Separate each element and move to where it will do the the most to improve the flow of work or labor utilization
  • Implement Operations as a Service capabilities and move your organization towards a Self-Service Operations model
The ROI of Self-Service Operations

Self-Service Operations is a design pattern that helps Operations teams decrease support costs while improving agility and responsiveness. Self-Service Operations enables you to safely shift operations activity to where your workforce can be best utilized. This includes moving the ability to take action, by pushing a button or calling an API, closer to the problem or party in need.