Talks We Like: NextGen Ops w/John Willis, Cornelia Davis, Damon Edwards, Alan Shimel

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Damon Edwards     July 21, 2018 IT Operations

In this edition of TWL, I'm highlighting a roundtable discussion that Alan Shimel ( moderated at the DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2018. The other participants are John Willis (SJ Technologies), Cornelia Davis (Pivotal), and myself.

The primary topic of discussion is the state of flux in which the operations field finds itself. We considered both the new infrastructure technologies and the new ways of working that are emerging.



We discussed the rise of platform engineering (and the moving target of what that means) and how the work of operations is changing. We also discussed the impact of Docker and Kubernetes and how the "contracts" between the different layers of the stack and their responsible parties are still being figured out. If you are into operations — especially in an enterprise — I think you will enjoy this conversation.

Damon Edwards

Damon Edwards is a co-founder of Rundeck, Inc. and cares a lot about improving IT operations and how enterprises operate.

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