Talks We Like: A Story of Being On Call by Charity Majors

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Damon Edwards     June 29, 2018 IT Operations

In this edition of Talks We Like, we are highlighting "A Story of Being On Call" by Charity Majors at Monki Gras 2018. This talk is ostensibly about making on call better. But, it is really about managing systems and human beings smartly and humanely to get the best out of both.

If you are often on-call or manage people who are on-call, we think you'll find this a relatable and thought-provoking talk.



What we like about this talk:

  • Incident response is a significant use case for the Rundeck community, and we appreciate all efforts to improve the work lives of community.
  • Charity's pragmatic focus on helping human beings is a refreshing look at an area where most conversations end up being only about tools.



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Damon Edwards

Damon Edwards is a co-founder of Rundeck, Inc. and cares a lot about improving IT operations and how enterprises operate.

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