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6 Things You May Not Know About Rundeck Enterprise (But Should)

As a Rundeck open source user, the standard features and benefits of Rundeck are undoubtedly familiar to you. But do you know all of the great benefits that you get when you upgrade to Rundeck Enterprise? From enterprise features and scalability to getting a direct line of communication to core the Rundeck team, Rundeck Enterprise helps you take your Rundeck usage to the next level.

Here are 6 key things you may not know about Rundeck Enterprise:   

1. Built-in clustering capabilities to meet any scale or HA needs

Rundeck Enterprise's cluster capabilities ensure that your Rundeck service is highly available, easily expandable, and easy to manage.

High availability is essential as your users begin to depend more on Rundeck. For on-demand jobs, the clustering capabilities ensure that users have a seamless experience even if you lose one of your Rundeck servers. And with scheduled jobs, the cluster will automatically manage schedule takeover and prevent downtime.

Horizontal scale is also important as Rundeck becomes an integral part of your company’s IT operations. Instead of keeping up with  a series of disconnected Rundeck instances, leverage the clustering capabilities to simplify management. To start, you can seamlessly add capacity by adding additional Rundeck Enterprise instances to your cluster. You can also configure Rundeck instances within a cluster to play different roles depending on your needs. For example, you can designate “front end” and “worker" instances.  Front end Rundeck instances will handle UI traffic but send executions to worker Rundeck instances for execution. If you have certain projects that need more resources than others, you can reserve certain worker Rundeck instances within a cluster for specific projects.



2. Advanced workflow capabilities to handle complex scenarios

Rundeck Enterprise features  advanced workflow capabilities to help you handle complex scenarios in the simplest manner. Rundeck Enterprise provides a workflow engine plugin called  the “Ruleset Workflow Strategy” which allows you to define custom workflow logic (beyond the basic strategies like parallel or sequential available in all Rundeck versions). For example, you can decide to create jobs where the workflow forks and then joins or define conditionals where steps will or won’t run depending on specific variables.



3. Workflow visualization to improve the job running experience

Rundeck Enterprise gives you a new, workflow-oriented way to watch the executions of your jobs.   Live-execution visualization provides a graphical, flowchart style representation of your job’s workflow.  This new workflow-oriented view combined with the existing node-oriented and log output views, gives users the ability to watch job execution the way that makes the most sense to them and best facilitates the task at hand.


4. Direct support from the core Rundeck team

We pride ourselves on the support we provide our customers. From architecture and usage advice to documentation clarification to troubleshooting, we are here to help. As a Rundeck Enterprise subscriber there are no restrictions on the number of support issues you can open via our support portal and no restrictions on what questions you can ask. Short of writing code or configuring your servers for you, our support will have you covered.



5. Encrypted Key Storage to protect passwords, SSH keys, and other secrets 

Rundeck Enterprise also offers you an encrypted Key Storage facility to store passwords,, SSH keys, and any other secrets needed by your jobs. The Key Storage Facility makes it easy to give jobs access to sensitive data without exposing it to Rundeck users. This both expands the type of jobs that you can put into Rundeck and expands the number people to whom you can grant access to Rundeck.



6. Rundeck Enterprise plugins to give your Rundeck usage a boost

Rundeck Enterprise comes with access to both  supported community plugins and Rundeck Enterpriseexclusive plugins. These are plugins that either extend Rundeck’s capabilities or integrate other tools with Rundeck. The supported community plugins are those that are available to the general Rundeck community but Rundeck Enterprise subscribers get support and maintenance.  The Rundeck Enterprise exclusive plugins are plugins that are available only to Rundeck Enterprise subscribers.


To Sum It Up:

These are just some of the advantages in moving to Rundeck Enterprise. Want to discover the full power of Rundeck Enterprise?

Head over to test drive or schedule a call to see Rundeck Enterprise in action discuss the upside for your organization