Self-Service and Reducing Toil at Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit

Headed to Orlando today for the start of Gartner's IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit? Rundeck will see you there!

Rundeck is equally at home in legacy environments as it is in cloud-native environments. Our excitement about this event is that we get to visit with operations professionals from large enterprises who are grappling with making both legacy and cloud-native work in their uniquely complex organizations.

Rundeck, Inc. has a booth in the exhibit hall, and we look forward to meeting both current and future Rundeck users.

We'll be discussing how Rundeck is supporting SRE and DevOps inspired operations transformations. Topics we are eager to talk about and demo include: 


Using the Operations as a Service design pattern to safely distribute the ability to perform operations tasks.



Reducing Toil

Leveraging Rundeck to reduce toil — the repetitive, semi-manual tasks that commonly plague operations organizations.