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Rundeck Is Synchronizing Version Numbers Across All Products

With the release of Rundeck 3.0, version numbers and release timing will now be synchronized across open source Rundeck and Rundeck Pro products.

Previously, open source Rundeck and Rundeck Pro had separate version numbers and releases cadences. For example, before 3.0, the latest open source Rundeck was version 2.11.5, and the latest Rundeck Pro was version 2.4.2 (built on open source 2.11.5).

Now, both products are jumping forward to 3.0 and will increment upward in unison.


One of the reasons for the Rundeck Pro version numbering lagging behind open source Rundeck is that Rundeck Pro was always attempting to be a "stable" release. We generally waited for the open source product to have one or more releases in use by the community before declaring it stable and releasing a new version of Rundeck Pro on top of it.

Going forward, we will tag the stable Rundeck Pro releases "Supported" to signify that they are ready for production usage. You are free to use other Rundeck Pro releases, but please view those releases as equivalent to release candidates.

You will see these changes reflected in the Rundeck download pages in the coming week.