Introduction to Docker Plugins for Rundeck
by Damon Edwards     June 5, 2017 Rundeck

The rapid rise of Docker's container technology is redefining compute infrastructure. As our infrastructure evolves, the need for managing and supporting that infrastructure, and all of its various components, remains. We hear from users who want to use Rundeck to automate operations support procedures in all of their environments — legacy bare metal, virtual machines, and/or containers. In this video, Alex Honor gives an introduction to the Docker plugins for Rundeck. 

The ROI of Self-Service Operations

Self-Service Operations is a design pattern that helps Operations teams decrease support costs while improving agility and responsiveness. Self-Service Operations enables you to safely shift operations activity to where your workforce can be best utilized. This includes moving the ability to take action, by pushing a button or calling an API, closer to the problem or party in need.

Watch Rundeck co-founder Damon Edwards on #theCube at Cisco DevNet Create

Cisco hosted its inaugural Dev Net Create conference in San Francisco last week. SiliconANGLE's The Cube talked to Damon about the existential crisis in ops. Can the democratization of ops relieve the squeeze generated by distributed applications and disparate systems?

Self-Service Operations: Better, Faster, Cheaper? Damon Edwards InfoQ Interview

In preparation for the upcoming DevOps Enterprise Summit in London, InfoQ sat down with Damon Edwards, co-founder at Rundeck, Inc, and discussed the benefits and implementation of "Self-Service Operations".

Using Python to Create Rundeck Plugins
by Damon Edwards     May 22, 2017 Rundeck

You can write a Rundeck Workflow Step Plugin in almost any scripting language. Since Python is a popular language inside many Operations organizations, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Python is also a popular choice for writing Rundeck plugins. In this short video, Alex Honor gives a walkthrough of a Step Plugin written in Python. This particular plugin wraps the AWS S3 CLI tool to provide a more user friendly experience within Rundeck. 

Quickly create a great user experience using Rundeck's Step Plugins
by Damon Edwards     April 24, 2017 Rundeck

Have existing legacy scripts around which you want to put a more dynamic and guided user experience? Find yourself in situations where you know a quick script will do what you need, but you don't like the idea of exposing the script to other teams? Want a nicely integrated experience when you use Rundeck to call your custom tools?