What's a Silo? (and why they ruin everything)
Damon Edwards     November 29, 2017 Featured

If you've seen enough conference presentations, you've likely come across the following image (original photo credit to Doc Searls) along with statements like "Silos are bad" or "Get rid of Silos." Usually, the presenter will then move quickly to another topic. Rarely do we get much analysis on what Silos actually are and why they are so destructive.

DevOps Enterprise Summit 17, San Francisco Recap
Dawn van Hoegaerden     November 28, 2017 IT Operations


New Feature: Edit ACL Policies Directly in the Rundeck GUI (video)
Damon Edwards     November 27, 2017 Rundeck

Another highly requested feature added! You can now add and edit ACL policy files via the Rundeck GUI. No more needing to jump to the command line. Manipulate policies from your browser without leaving the Rundeck application. Got the syntax wrong? Built-in validation will point you to the error. In this video, Alex Honor gives a tour of the new feature.

New Office Hours Session featuring Rundeck Pro Log Filtering

Don't miss Office Hours with our Rundeck Pro experts.  The November session, on November 29, 2017 at 9 am PDT, will focus on Rundeck Pro's log filtering capabilities. Learn how this feature allows you to render the output of your Rundeck jobs to improve readability and make it easier to share important info within your organization.

The Operations as a Service Guide is Here

Operations as a Service is a design pattern that allows an Operations organization to move faster, be more fexible, and lock things down. 

On the surface, Operations as a Service appears to be a straightforward concept — turn your operations tasks into automated services that can be consumed on-demand (via GUI, command line, or API) by anyone who needs those operations task performed.

However, when you look deeper, you’ll see that a lot goes into making this straightforward vision a reality.

Did you miss Office Hours?  Check out the video.
Dawn van Hoegaerden     October 17, 2017 IT Operations, Rundeck

We hosted our first Office Hours session last week.  If you're interested in Rundeck Pro Cluster, it's a must see, complete with a guided tour from Rundeck co-founder Alex Honor. After watching, download the free trial to test drive the cluster features in your own environment. That's right, the Rundeck free trial is now a single node cluster instance.  Take it for a spin today. Have questions?  Please reach out to us.