SRE Anti-Pattern: "I Could Fix It, If I Could Get To It"

In this edition of SRE Anti-Patterns, I'm highlighting the common enterprise problem of disjointed access. Often the people responding to an incident are blocked from taking the required recovery actions even though they have the first-hand knowledge and experience needed to know what to do.

TWL: DevOps Experiences from a 165-year Old Bank by Shaun Norris
Damon Edwards     August 21, 2018

In this edition of Talks We Like, I'm featuring Shaun Norris, Global Head of Cloud Infrastructure Services at Standard Chartered Bank.

Working at a 165-year old bank operating in over 60 countries, you can imagine the complexity, compliance, and legacy hurdles in front of Shaun and his team. This talk provides an exciting overview of the various strategies that Standard Chartered is employing to modernize their IT Operations.
Operations: The Last Mile Problem For DevOps

The last mile problem for DevOps is Operations. "The last mile" is an economic concept, born in the telco industry, that describes the last bit of effort that is required to extract the benefit of significant previous investments. The metaphor is a good fit for the relationship between DevOps and Operations.

Rundeck Is Synchronizing Version Numbers Across All Products
Alex Honor     July 30, 2018 Rundeck

With the release of Rundeck 3.0, version numbers and release timing will now be synchronized across open source Rundeck and Rundeck Pro products.

Talks We Like: NextGen Ops w/John Willis, Cornelia Davis, Damon Edwards, Alan Shimel
Damon Edwards     July 21, 2018 IT Operations

In this edition of TWL, I'm highlighting a roundtable discussion that Alan Shimel ( moderated at the DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2018. The other participants are John Willis (SJ Technologies), Cornelia Davis (Pivotal), and myself.

The primary topic of discussion is the state of flux in which the operations field finds itself. We considered both the new infrastructure technologies and the new ways of working that are emerging.

Rundeck 3.0 is Coming Soon!
Alex Honor     July 19, 2018 Rundeck

Rundeck 3.0 is on its way. Featuring a full refresh of the UI and a significant upgrade of internal components, this is a big step forward for both the Rundeck open source project and Rundeck Pro. It is exciting enough that we are leaping from 2.x to 3.0 numbering.