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Feature Preview: Output Processing and Data Passing

I'm excited about a new set of features that are deceptively simple, yet add a significant level of power to the Rundeck platform.

I'm talking about the ability to capture data in one workflow step and use it in another, automatically mask sensitive data in the job output, and highlight or format output.  

To see just how easy and powerful these new features are, watch this introductory video by Rundeck's Alex Honor.



Output processing and data passing are achieved by taking advantage of the new log filters that are included in both Rundeck (staring in 2.9.0) and Rundeck Pro (starting in 2.2.0).

The following types of data passing are currently available:

Key Value Data - Captures Key/Value data using a simple text format. Access that Key/Value pair from other steps within the same job (data passing between steps!).

Quiet Output - Quiets all output which does or does not match a certain pattern by changing its log level.

Highlight Output - Highlights all output which matches the given regular expression (You can pick which ANSI colors you want to use).

Mask Passwords - Masks secure input option values from being emitted in the logs.

Render Formatted Data - Format job output according to the datatype selected (JSON, CSV, HTML, Java Properties, Markdown).

More will be coming and keep an eye out for examples of this new log filter capability. Of course, please always feel free to let us know what you think and what you want us to tackle next.