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Introduction to Docker Plugins for Rundeck

The rapid rise of Docker's container technology is redefining compute infrastructure. As our infrastructure evolves, the need for managing and supporting that infrastructure, and all of its various components, remains. We hear from users who want to use Rundeck to automate operations support procedures in all of their environments — legacy bare metal, virtual machines, and/or containers. In this video, Alex Honor gives an introduction to the Docker plugins for Rundeck. 

Alex's demo shows 3 jobs that use a subset of the available Docker CLI calls:

1. a job that runs a docker image (including having the running container and its associated information automatically show up in Rundeck as a node)

2. a job that runs Docker inspect on a running container

3. a job that runs Docker exec on a running container (useful for troubleshooting or production cases where there are long running containers) 

The Github project for the plugin shown in this video can be found here: