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HowTo: Control Which Plugins Appear In Which Rundeck Project

Soon after discovering the power of plugins in Rundeck, users often find themselves with lots of plugins installed in their Rundeck server. We frequently get asked, "Is there a way to limit which plugins can be used by which project?"

For some, it is a matter of not wanting their colleagues' experience to get cluttered by seeing too many plugins that don't pertain to their project. For others, there are security reasons for restricting the use of specific plugins. No matter what your use case is, Rundeck Pro has a new feature that will help you.

Starting with Rundeck Pro 2.4, there is a new menu item called "Plugins Control" in the Project menu.



This will take you to the Plugins Control page where you can select/deselect which plugins you want to be available to the project. If a plugin is disabled, users of that project won't see the plugin listed when they create/edit jobs.



These controls work with step, content converter, log filter, and notification plugins. You can also edit the disabled plugins list as a property in the project configuration file (if you are managing your projects as source code or automating the bootstrapping of projects).

Be on the lookout for future enhancements to the Rundeck plugin experience!