From SiliconANGLE: Rundeck aims to automate IT with new “operations-as-a-service” tool

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Silicon Valley business publication, SiliconANGLE, featured news of Rundeck's launch:


Rundeck is a low key open-source platform used at companies such as The Walt Disney Co., Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc. and Inc. to automate their infrastructure operations.

Rundeck Inc., a venture-backed startup founded by the software’s creators, today pulled back the curtains on a commercial version of the project designed to bring its capabilities to the traditional enterprise.

The platform focuses on easing the complicated recurring tasks that infrastructure teams must perform as part of their everyday work. In a large enterprise, even the most routine changes often require running through an extensive checklist to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Companies typically use various automation tools to ease the chore, but there’s often still a significant manual element left.

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