EC Connect Relies on Rundeck for Telco Infrastructure Service

From IT Wire: 

Telecommunications, IoT and infrastructure solutions company ECConnect has announced improved service for its flagship EAP product, made possible through major infrastructure upgrades.

The ECConnect team embrace a continuous improvement philosophy and are always looking for ways to provide a superior product for customers with enhanced service, reliability and transparency.

Over the last 12 months the team has been improving the underlying infrastructure and processes for EAP, their fully-featured tool to manage nearly every aspect of a telecommunications business, all combining to provide clients with greater performance and monitoring capabilities, in turn enabling clients to provide seamless and reliable services to their own customers.

The infrastructure changes that made this possible centred on new virtualised hardware, improved processes and new tools to assist with infrastructure adds, moves and changes, as well as monitoring.

The tools introduced over the last 12 months as a result of the team’s research and investigation are MySQL Galera Cluster, Grafana, Chef, Centreon, Kibana, EAP Messenger and Rundeck, solving issues of multi-node environment management and monitoring through Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and scheduling.

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