Automation and software-defined IT can bridge server skills gap

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Dawn van Hoegaerden     September 7, 2017 IT Operations, Self-Service Operations


An article from Cliff Saran at Computer Weekly caught my eye this week.  It asserts that many IT Ops personnel are reluctant to use orchestration and automation tools deal with the demands of modern business.  Of course, we at Rundeck think orchestration and automation are critical components of an efficient and scalable IT Ops organizations.  Read on and let us know what you think about this research.

New research from 451 Group has identified a shortfall in server skills, but IT admins appear less willing to adopt tech helpers such as automation. 

In the study, based on 525 web-based surveys completed by IT and server decision-makers worldwide, supplemented by 19 in-depth phone interviews, 69.7% of respondents said current candidates lack skills and experience. 

The study also observed a shrinking set of available talent due to a lack of candidates by region and high salaries.The evolving make-up of IT teams also is affecting the availability of server personnel. When asked to identify which best characterises the layout of their IT technical teams, respondents were split nearly evenly between two key IT archetypes, with 40.4% choosing IT specialists and 39.4% choosing IT generalists.

Christian Perry, research manager and lead analyst of 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Servers and converged infrastructure service, said: “There is an inherent challenge in the level of manual processes that exist in enterprises today. Breaking out of the practice of doing things manually can be tough.” Perry said the study appeared to reveal a reluctance by IT departments to use automation and orchestration tools to simplify server administration. “We see a large contingent of server admins who are not familiar with orchestration  tools,” he said.

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