April Webinar Roundup: Automation Inspiration for Spring Cleaning

Here is a summary of where you can find Rundeck in April.  Hear how you can use Automation and Data Enrichment tools to tidy up your processes to maximize performance. This Spring, resolve to free yourself and your experts from the drudgery of repeated manual activities by automating standard operations procedures, so experts can get back to building customer value.  

April 5 - Introduction to Rundeck - Global

Have questions about Rundeck?  Join our monthly Introduction to Rundeck where we walk through automation use cases and demonstrate how Rundeck can help define automated workflows across tools, scripts, APIs and manual commands for secure self-service operations.  Choose a time zone that’s right for you

April 7 - Creating an IT Force Multiplier Through Automation, 8am PT | 11am ET

In this webinar, Carl Lehmann, Sr. Research Analyst with 451 Research | S&P Global Market Intelligence, and Damon Edwards, co-founder of Rundeck, discuss the market technology trends that drive and influence the need for greater levels and types of IT Processes

12 April -Getting Started with the Rundeck Ansible Integration, for EMEA, 2pm BST

Join us in to learn how you can use Rundeck to create runbooks that span your existing Ansible playbooks -- as well as any other scripts, tools, APIs, or systems commands, to respond to incidents or perform Operations tasks. 

April 14 - Rundeck Office Hours: Managing Nodes in Rundeck, Global

This month we'll discuss managing nodes in Rundeck, defining nodes with a static file, accessing dynamic node info and enhancing node data.  Live demo in the Rundeck interface followed by live Q&A.  

April 20 - New Best Practices for Designing Self-Service Automation for IT Processes, Global

In this webinar, you'll learn high impact use cases for delegating IT processes as self-service automation.  We'll discuss how to bring automation to where people work such as IT Operations applications like PagerDuty, ServiceNow, Jira and Slack.

April 26 - Terraform Roundtable, 10am PT  | 1pm ET

Join us to hear from industry peers and share your own experiences regarding best practices, learnings, and things to consider when deciding to migrate to Infrastructure as Code with Terraform and PagerDuty. 


The Rundeck Team