New Feature: Edit ACL Policies Directly in the Rundeck GUI (video)

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Damon Edwards     November 27, 2017 Rundeck

Another highly requested feature added! You can now add and edit ACL policy files via the Rundeck GUI. No more needing to jump to the command line. Manipulate policies from your browser without leaving the Rundeck application. Got the syntax wrong? Built-in validation will point you to the error. In this video, Alex Honor gives a tour of the new feature.

This feature is in Rundeck open source version 2.10. 

Be sure also to check out Rundeck Pro 2.3, which goes even further and provides an advanced rules editor. The new features in Rundeck Pro make it even easier to build and understand access control rules (including the ability to view the access levels of particular user roles evaluated against the installed ACL rules). Be on the lookout for the upcoming demo video of these powerful features available in Rundeck Pro.


Damon Edwards

Damon Edwards is a co-founder of Rundeck, Inc. and cares a lot about improving IT operations and how enterprises operate.

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