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As they ask in the popular play, Rent, how do you measure a year? At Rundeck, we can look at all the new features we added to the Pro platform to make the Ops life easier for our customers. It all rolls up into our vision of Operations as a Service.  You talked. We listened. We're proud to share with you the results of your feedback. Following are some of the key enhancements to Rundeck Pro in 2017. Watch this space to stay up-to-date in 2018.

1. Cluster/Enterprise Management

Rundeck Pro’s cluster capabilities ensure that your Rundeck service is highly available, easily expandable, and easy to manage.

High availability is essential as your users begin to depend more on Rundeck. For on-demand jobs, the clustering capabilities ensure that users have a seamless experience even if you lose one of yourRundeck servers. And with scheduled jobs, the cluster will automatically manage schedule takeover and prevent downtime.

Horizontal scale is also important as Rundeck becomes an integral part of your company’s IT operations. Instead of keeping up with  a series of disconnected Rundeck instances, leverage the clustering capabilities to simplify management. With the new cluster features you can even designate front-end and worker cluster members to distribute and blanace the workload based on rules you define.


Learn more about Rundeck Pro's cluster capabilities here.

2. Log Filters (including Data Passing)

New log filter capabilities include data passing (the ability to capture data in one workflow step and use it in another), automatically masking sensitive data in the job output, and highlighting or formating output to be more readable are new features that are simple to use but add a significant level of power to the Rundeck platform.

Rundeck Data Passing Video Screenshot copy

Watch the video and get all the details here.

3. Encrypted Key Storage

Rundeck Pro offers an encrypted Key Storage facility to store passwords, SSH keys, and any other secrets needed by your jobs. The Key Storage facility makes it easy to give jobs access to sensitive data without exposing it to Rundeck users. This both expands the type of jobs that you can put into Rundeck and expands the number people to whom you can grant access to Rundeck.

4. Advanced Workflow

Rundeck Pro features  advanced workflow capabilities to help you handle complex scenarios in the simplest manner. Rundeck Pro provides a workflow engine plugin called  the “Ruleset Workflow Strategy” which allows you to define custom workflow logic (beyond the basic strategies like parallel or sequential available in all Rundeck editions). For example, you can decide to create jobs where the workflow forks and then joins or define conditionals where steps will or won’t run depending on specific variables.



5. Plugin Palooza

  • Step Plugins

In addition to pugin you can get form the community or as a part of Rundeck Pro,  it is really easy to make your own. In just a few minutes, you can turn an existing script into a plugin that provides a powerful and polished user experience. Use the scripting laguages that you want to use. Before Rundeck, a similar outcome would have required a large and expensive custom tool development effort. With Step plugins you can:

  • Add a more dynamic and guided user experience around existing legacy scripts
  • Create a quick script without exposing it to other teams
  • Design an integrated experience to call custom tools from Rundeck

Learn how here.

  • Ansible Plugins

"Just fell in love with @Rundeck to let non-ops people run @ansible playbooks." Sound good to you? Rundeck's Ansible plugin synchronizes with the Ansible inventory and lets you run playbooks, modules or even your own scripts and commands.  Watch the video and get more details here.



  • ServiceNow
Are you using ServiceNow to manage tickets?  Rundeck's  ServiceNow plugin delivers integration between ServiceNow incident and change tickets (open, close, add comment), as well as, get Nodes from the ServiceNow CMDB.

6. ACL Rule Builder

This is a big one. You can now add and edit ACL policy files via the Rundeck GUI. That's right, no more command line. In this video, Alex Honor gives a tour of the new feature. Rundeck Pro takes it a step further and provides a rules builder and evaluator. 

ACL png.png

It is easier than ever to build and understand access control rules (including the ability to view the access levels of particular user roles evaluated against the installed ACL rules.

Happy New Year!

There you have it. That's how we measured 2017. Thank you again for being part of the Rundeck community. 2018 is right around the corner and we have more enterprise-grade updates coming your way. Subscribe to the blog so you don't miss an update.

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Dawn van Hoegaerden

Dawn is the Vice President of Marketing at Rundeck, Inc.

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