Shorten Incident Response Time and Avoid Alert Fatigue 
Automated Remediation and Self-Service Operations with Rundeck and Sensu

Combine Monitoring as Code with Runbook Automation

With the explosion in both complexity and quantity of applications and digital infrastructure that teams need to support, it’s becoming even more critical for IT teams to invest in automation. Rundeck and Sensu have partnered to provide plugins and integrations that connect monitoring as code with Runbook Automation for Automated Remediation and self-service.


Self-service for incident response that enables your first responders to safely execute expert action without delays or escalations.


Auto remediation to automatically trigger Rundeck jobs from Sensu (e.g. deeper diagnostics or attempt repair) before a human is alerted.

See how Rundeck Runbook Automation integrates with Sensu's Observability Pipeline


On-Demand Webinar: Automated Remediation with Rundeck & Sensu

Sensu has alerted you to a problem. The clock is ticking. How do you take action with self-service operations? Watch this webinar to learn how you can find a problem and fix it faster with Sensu Monitoring as code and Rundeck Runbook Automation. 

Shorten Incidents, Avoid Alert Fatigue with Automated Remediation 

As operators, we only want to wake up humans for tasks machines can’t fix on their own. Automated remediation pairs monitoring and runbook automation that trigger operational actions to shorten incident response times and avoid alert fatigue. 

About Rundeck: 
Rundeck delivers the leading automated runbook platform for Enterprise IT. Automated runbooks enable faster, more effective incident response and maximize existing investments in people and automation. Rundeck automates Ops actions so your team can focus on improving customer experience and staying ahead of the competition.

About Sensu:
The Sensu Observability Pipeline delivers monitoring as code on any cloud — from bare metal to Kubernetes. Companies like Citi,, and Uber rely on Sensu to fill gaps in their observability: eliminating data silos, reducing monitoring tool sprawl, and automating diagnosis and self-healing. Founded in 2017, Sensu is built by operators, for operators, with open source at the heart of the Sensu product and company.