About Rundeck

Rundeck is the champion of those who keep digital businesses running.

We built the Rundeck software platform to enable operations run more efficiently and scale faster while maintaining security and compliance.

We call it Self-Service Operations and it’s transforming the way services are operated at organizations of all sizes across every industry.

Operations work is caught in a squeeze between the demands of the business to go faster and maintain a competitive edge and the security and compliance constraints needed to avoid breaches.

Of course, this is in addition to all of the requests — planned and unplanned — from management, teammates, and customers.

These conflicting requirements often leave teams overworked, inefficient, and a perceived roadblock.

Rundeck modernizes Operations work by allowing a broader number of people — even those outside of traditional Operations boundaries— to have secure and safe self-service access to Operations tasks. 

Our customers report a significant reductions in interruptions, faster incident response times, and improved visibility into Ops related activities. Rundeck works with existing tools and scripts, so there is a minimal learning curve.

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How it all started


Rundeck began in 2010 as an open source project created by founders Damon Edwards, Alex Honor, and Greg Schueler.


Seeing a need for automation of complicated and mission critical DevOps Runbooks, our founders decided to start an Open Source project to help tackle the problem. 

In 2015, Rundeck, Inc. was formed to deliver a supported, commercial version of the project to the market. The Rundeck product portfolio now includes Rundeck Community (OSS), Rundeck Enterprise, and Rundeck Enterprise Platinum.

Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Rundeck as the foundation of their operating strategy.



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