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Navigating the 7 Pitfalls of Incident Management

An illustrated guide to shorter incidents and fewer escalations.

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Reduce the Cost and Chaos of Incidents

Technology organizations are constantly under pressure to do more with less. With the explosion in both complexity and quantity of applications and digital infrastructure teams need to support, it’s becoming even more critical for IT teams to invest in automation. Explore seven painful anti-patterns that can get in the way of automating incident response for faster resolution and fewer escalations. Learn how you can:

  • Prevent Incidents and Reduce Incident Duration: Use automation to assist diagnosis and remediation for incident resolution
  • Reduce the Cost of Response: Empower individuals and small groups to take the actions necessary to resolve incident faster
  • Share Knowledge and Continuously Improve: Reduce reliance on tribal knowledge from subject matter experts, standardize operating procedures with runbook automation

Learn how to tackle these issues to help your team achieve faster resolution and fewer incidents.

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